When can you work?

Asylum seekers can work in Belgium 4 months after they have submitted their application. Recognised refugees are allowed to work, just like Belgians.

You are an asylum seeker

If the CGRS (CGRA/CGVS) has not yet taken a decision on your application for international protection, you can only work 4 months after submitting your application for international protection.

  • When you renew your orange card at the municipality, it will automatically state: 'Labour market: unlimited'.
  • You can practise all professions in Belgium.

How long is the right to work valid?

Your right to work remains valid until the CGRS has made a decision on your application. If you appeal against the decision of the CGRS, your right to work is valid until the CALL (RvV/CCE) takes a decision in your appeal procedure.

You are a recognised refugee

You have an unlimited right to work if you have obtained refugee status or subsidiary protection.

Need help or more information?

Do you have a question about permission to work and your residency in Belgium?

  • Visit or make an appointment with the Civil Affairs Department of the municipality where you reside.
  • Each municipality or city has its own website with useful information (telephone numbers, opening hours).
Example of Orange card / Immatriculation Certificate (AI)
Example of Orange card / Immatriculation Certificate (AI)