Vocational training for adults

If you follow vocational training, you will learn a (new) profession. For example, you will learn the basic skills to become an assistant cook, bricklayer or cleaner.

Learning a profession quickly

Vocational training courses of between 6 months and 1 year provide a certificate or diploma so that employers know that you have learned the skills. You generally follow a traineeship at a company during the training. During the traineeship, you will learn the profession on the work floor. You also get to know the employer, and the employer gets to know you. As a result, there is a better chance of an employer offering you a job.

Enrolling for vocational training

You can enrol for vocational training from the moment you are allowed to work:

For this, you can contact:

  • VDAB in Flanders and Brussels for Dutch-speaking training courses
  • Bruxelles Formation (Brussels)
  • Forem (Brussels and Wallonia) for French-speaking training courses

Different types of training courses

There are many types of vocational training: woodwork and construction, metal, computer science, hotels and catering, food, transport, health care, cleaning, etc.

Costs of the training

The VDAB and Forem cover travel costs during the vocational training. As an applicant for international protection or recognised refugee, you often do not need to pay the course fees.

Do you need more information or help?

Would you like to follow a vocational training course?

  • Ask your social worker or your contact at the VDAB, Forem or Bruxelles Formation for help.
  • In every city, you will find an office of the VDAB, or Forem, where you can make an appointment.