Net salary

The amount of salary received in your account after taxes have been deducted

Material assistance

Providing help by giving things other than money: food, shelter, clothing, etc. This is the help that Fedasil offers to applicants for international protection when their application is being examined.

Pro-bono lawyer

A lawyer whom you do not have to pay. You can get a pro-bono lawyer under certain conditions. Applicants for international protection are entitled to a pro-bono lawyer for their asylum procedure.


Council for Alien Law Litigation. The CALL is the independent administrative court where you can appeal against a decision of the Immigration Office and the CGRS.


The Belgian Constitution is the law that contains the basic principles of the Belgian State. It contains all fundamental rights.


Public Centre for Social Welfare. In certain conditions, a CPAS/OCMW provides social services to people in need. Every municipality or city in Belgium has its own CPAS/OCMW with different services.


The Federal Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers.  The Belgian government body responsible for the reception and support of asylum seekers. This takes place in open reception centres or houses. Fedasil is also responsible for voluntary returns.

Admissibility phase

The first stage in determining whether an application meets certain formal requirements. If the application is admissible, the substance of the application will be examined (on its merits).

Asylum procedure

Procedure concerning an application for international protection. All the steps you go through to obtain international protection: filling in forms, interview(s), waiting for an answer.


'To appeal' means that someone objects to a decision, for example of the asylum services (CGRS or Immigration office). Many asylum seekers do this when they are told that they cannot stay in Belgium.