Earning money

Have you found paid work? Together with your employer, you must sign an employment contract. Also inform your social worker, and join a health insurance scheme.

You have a job and live in a reception centre or local reception initiative (CPAS)

  • If you work, you are required to inform your social worker about your employment contract, your working hours and your pay slip.
  • It is possible that you may have to pay part of your wages for your accommodation. Talk about this with your social worker.

Do you earn enough money and have a stable employment contract? Fedasil may ask you to look for a house and leave the reception centre. If you subsequently lose your job and have not yet received a decision on your application for international protection, make an appointment with the CPAS.

Join a health insurance scheme

If you work, you are also required to join a health insurance scheme (or mutual insurance scheme).

What does a health insurance scheme do?

  1. The health insurance scheme reimburses part or all of your medical expenses (your visit to the doctor or dentist).
  2. If you have work, but are unable to work for a certain period due to illness or an accident, the health insurance scheme will pay you financial compensation to replace your salary.
  3. The health insurance scheme informs you about health, medical costs and your rights as a patient.