You are without legal residence and need medical aid

If you are staying in Belgium without a legal residence permit, you cannot join a health insurance scheme. 

Urgent medical aid

If you need medical care, you can request urgent medical aid from the CPAS/OCMW

What is urgent medical aid?

  • A visit to the doctor if you are ill
  • A visit to the dentist if you have tooth pain
  • A medical examination at the doctor's request (ultrasound, X-ray, scan)
  • In some cases surgery and rehabilitation (e.g. physiotherapy)
  • Medication on doctor's prescription

What is not medical aid, according to the Belgian government?

  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Housing

How do you request urgent medical aid?

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the CPAS of the municipality where you reside.
  2. The CPAS will investigate whether you are without legal residence and whether you are in need.
  3. The CPAS will agree to cover the costs for medical aid.
  4. Only then will you go to the doctor or the hospital.
  5. The CPAS will pay the medical costs.

You first need to report to the CPAS before seeking medical aid. If this is impossible, for example in the event of an emergency, the hospital can request payment from the CPAS on your behalf.

 Do you need urgent help, or are you in danger?

Call the emergency number 101 or 112.