The arrival centre

The arrival centre in Brussels is the place where foreign nationals will register their asylum application in Belgium.

Arrival centre

The arrival centre? This centre is located in the 'Petit-Château' in Brussels. It is here that you can apply for international protection.

The arrival centre is managed by Fedasil, which is a Belgian government body. Your application for international protection will be registered in the centre by a different government body: the Immigration Office.

In the centre, you receive an information brochure which explains your pathway in the arrival centre. This brochure is available in several languages. 

When you register your asylum application, an official from the Immigration Office will ask you some questions to find out your identity (name, date of birth, nationality, etc.). They will also take your fingerprints. This allows them to check whether you are already registered in a different European country. If you are, you may need to return to this country to apply for international protection there.

You will also receive a medical examination to check if you are in good health. We will also take an x-ray of your lungs to see if you have tuberculosis.

Entrance arrival centre

Reception place

In the arrival centre, Fedasil checks whether you are entitled to reception during the examination of your application for protection. If this is the case, Fedasil will offer you first reception in the arrival centre, the time to find another reception location in Belgium, adapted to your situation. 

How to go to the arrival centre?

The arrival centre is located in the centre of Brussels: Rue de Passchendaele 2 – 1000 Brussels.

Questions about your right to reception or about your situation in Belgium?

Contact the Info Point
Phone: +32 (0) 2 227 41 51 (from 9am to 12 noon and 2pm to 5pm).