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Welcome to Fedasil info, the information platform for asylum seekers in Belgium! 

Here you will find information (in 14 languages) on 8 different themes: asylum and procedure, accomodation, living in Belgium, return, work, learn, unaccompanied minors and health. The information on Fedasil info will help you, as an asylum seeker, to make choices about your future.

Searching on Fedasil info is simple: click on one of the 8 themes or use the handy search function. 
Fedasil info also has an explanatory list of terms where we explain difficult concepts. And you can also make Fedasil info talk to you: click on the audio icon and the text will be read out.

Fedasil is the Belgian Federal Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers. Fedasil is responsible for the reception locations in Belgium and supervises the quality of reception and guidance for asylum seekers.

We also organise voluntary return to countries of origin. 

More info about voluntary return? www.voluntaryreturn.be
More info on Fedasil? www.fedasil.be

Spotted a mistake on Fedasil info? 
Fedasil takes great care with the information that appears on Fedasil info. If any information on www.fedasilinfo.be is incorrect, then we will do all we can to put this right.
Have you spotted a mistake? Send an email to info@fedasil.be

Fedasil info, the information platform for asylum seekers in Belgium