How much does a rented home cost?

As a recognised refugee, in addition to your own home, you also need to provide for your own livelihood: food, heating, electricity, water, etc. Make sure that your monthly rent is not too high, so that you still have enough to live on.

What is a viable rental price for a home?

  • For a family with 2 children, a viable rent is up to 850 euros (per month), for an apartment or house with 2 bedrooms.
  • For a single man or woman, a viable rent price is up to 500 euro (per month) for a room or studio.
  • Rents in Belgium vary greatly from city to city (and from neighbourhood to neighbourhood).

The landlord asks for a one-off rent guarantee from the tenant. The rent guarantee varies between 1 and 3 months' rent. You can ask the CPAS/OCMW to advance the rent guarantee, but you will have to pay this amount back later.