Interview CGRS: coronavirus measures

If you are sick or have any symptoms (coughing, fever), do not come to the personal interview.

It is recommended to provide care for your children and not to bring them to the CGRS. Only your lawyer can assist you during the personal interview. A trusted person is allowed in exceptional circumstances. Friends or relatives who have not been invited to the CGRS will also be refused entry.

Wear a face mask when you come to the CGRS. You have to keep wearing the face mask in the CGRS building and can only take it off at the start of the personal interview.

 When you arrive at the CGRS, wait in the waiting room and keep a safe distance from others.

The following guidelines apply inside the CGRS building:

  • Disinfect / wash your hands after you arrive at the CGRS and before you leave.
  • Always keep 1.5 m away from the others.
  • In the room of the personal interview, everybody has to sit on the designated spot
Interview CGRS: coronavirus measures