Covid Safe Ticket

A Covid Safe Ticket proofs that you are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 or that you recovered from Covid-19.

You need to show your Covid Safe Ticket:

  •  to travel across the border 
  •  to go to a large event
  • to go to the fitness, sport events
  • to go to a restaurant, bar

In Brussels and Wallonia you need to show your Covid Safe Ticket:

  • to participate in sport or cultural activities

Are you not yet vaccinated against Covid-19? Talk to your social worker and make an appointment with the medical service today!

How to order your Covid Safe Ticket?

Example orange card and annex 26

Have you identity document (orange card or annex 26) ready. On the document you find your national registration number (11 digits).

Call the phone number of the region where you live. If you do not understand French or Dutch, ask help from your social worker.

  • Wallonia: 071 31 34 93 
  • Brussels: 02 214 19 19 
  • German speaking community:  0800 23 032 
  • Flanders: 078 78 78 50

An automated voice will ask you some questions. You have to reply by pressing the numbers on your phone. 

  • Question 1: Press 1 for a vaccination certificate, press 2 for a recovery certificate
  • Enter the 11 digits of your national registration number, followed by #
  • Question 2: Press 1 to confirm your national registration number, press 2 to correct your number
  • Question 3: Press 1 to confirm that you want your Covid safe ticket to be sent by post.

The Covid Safe Ticket will be sent to your official address by post. After receiving the letter, take a picture of the QR code. This way you have your Covid Safe Ticket always with you.